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Wrapper function for the MOVER-B methods. Approximate Bayesian confidence intervals for the rate (or risk) difference ("RD") or ratio ("RR") for independent binomial or Poisson rates, or for odds ratio ("OR", binomial only). (developed from Newcombe, Donner & Zou, Li et al, and Fagerland & Newcombe, and generalised as "MOVER-B" in forthcoming publication) including special case "MOVER-J" using non-informative priors with optional continuity correction. This function is vectorised in x1, x2, n1, and n2.


moverbci(x1, n1, x2, n2, a1 = 0.5, b1 = 0.5, a2 = 0.5, b2 = 0.5,
  distrib = "bin", contrast = "RD", level = 0.95, cc = 0, ...)


x1, x2

Numeric vectors of numbers of events in group 1 & group 2 respectively.

n1, n2

Numeric vectors of sample sizes (for binomial rates) or exposure times (for Poisson rates) in each group.

a1, b1, a2, b2

Numbers defining the Beta(ai,bi) prior distributions for each group (default ai = bi = 0.5 for Jeffreys uninformative priors). Gamma priors for Poisson rates require only a1, a2.


Character string indicating distribution assumed for the input data: "bin" = binomial (default), "poi" = Poisson.


Character string indicating the contrast of interest: "RD" = rate difference (default), "RR" = rate ratio, "OR" = odds ratio. contrast="p" gives an interval for the single proportion x1/n1.


Number specifying confidence level (between 0 and 1, default 0.95).


Number or logical specifying (amount of) continuity correction (default FALSE). Numeric value is taken as the gamma parameter in Laud 2017, Appendix S2 (default 0.5 if cc=TRUE). Forced equal to 0.5 if type="exact". NB: cc currently not implemented for type="wilson".


Additional arguments.

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