Man pages for rattle
Graphical User Interface for Data Science in R

acquireAuditDataGenerate the audit dataset.
asRulesList the rules corresponding to the rpart decision tree
asRules.rpartList the rules corresponding to the rpart decision tree
auditSample dataset to illustrate Rattle functionality.
binningPerform binning over numeric data
calcInitialDigitDistrGenerate a frequency count of the initial digits
calculateAUCDetermine area under a curve (e.g. a risk or recall curve) of...
centers.hclustList Cluster Centers for a Hierarchical Cluster
comcatEcho data in a human readable form.
drawTreeNodesDraw nodes of a decision tree
drawTreesAdaDraw trees from an Ada model
errorMatrixGenerate an error matrix from actua and predicted data.
evaluateRiskSummarise the performance of a data mining model
fancyRpartPlotA wrapper for plotting rpart trees using prp
genPlotTitleCmdGenerate a string to add a title to a plot
grouperTransform a numeric vector by grouping it according to the...
internalInteral Rattle user interface callbacks.
listAdaVarsUsedList the variables used by an adaboost model
listTreesAdaList trees from an Ada model
listVersionsVersions of Installed Packages
modalvalueCalculate the mode of a vector, array or list.
plotOptimalLinePlot three lines on a risk chart, one vertical and two...
plotRiskPlot a risk chart
printRandomForestsPrint a representation of the Random Forest models to the...
randomForest2RulesGenerate accessible data structure of a randomForest model
rattleDisplay the Rattle User Interface
rattleInfoExtract Rattle and related package information.
rattle.print.summary.multinomPrint information about a multinomial model
riskchartPlot a risk chart
savePlotToFileSave a plot in some way
setupDatasetGiven specific contents of env add other dataset related...
treeset.randomForestGenerate a representation of a tree in a Random Forest
weatherSample dataset of daily weather observations from Canberra...
weatherAUSDaily weather observations from multiple Australian weather...
whichNumericsReturns a list of the names of the numeric variables in a...
wineThe wine dataset from the UCI Machine Learning Repository.
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