genPlotTitleCmd: Generate a string to add a title to a plot

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Generate a string to add a title to a plot


Generate a string that is intended to be eval'd that will add a title and sub-title to a plot. The string is a call to title, supplying the given arguments, pasted together, as the main title, and generating a sub-title that begins with ‘Rattle’ and continues with the current date and time, and finishes with the current user's username. This is used internally in Rattle to adorn a plot with relevant information, but may be useful outside of Rattle.


genPlotTitleCmd(..., vector=FALSE)



one or more strings that will be pasted together to form the main title.


whether to return a vector as the result.



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See Also

eval, title, plotRisk.


# generate some random plot

# generate the string representing the command to add titles
tl <- genPlotTitleCmd("Sample Plot of", "No Particular Importance")

# cause the string to be executed as an R command

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