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Age-Depth Modelling using Bayesian Statistics

accrate.ageObtain estimated accumulation rates for any age of a core.
accrate.age.ghostPlot a core's accumulation rates against calendar time.
accrate.depthObtain estimated accumulation rates as for any depth of a...
accrate.depth.ghostPlot modelled accumulation rates against the depths of a...
add.datesAdd dates to age-depth plots
agedepthPlot an age-depth model
agemodel.itExtract one age-model iteration
AgesOfEventsEvent probabilities against calendar age
A.modelledCalculate modelled 210Pb
backgroundcalculate probabilities that Pb-210 data have reached...
BaconMain age-depth modelling function
bacon2clamTranslate Bacon .csv files to clam .csv files.
Bacon.Age.dOutput all ages for a single depth.
Bacon.cleanupRemove files made to produce the current core's age-depth...
Bacon.d.AgeOutput all depths for a single age.
Bacon.histCalculate age distributions of depths.
BaconvergenceTest to identify poorly mixed MCMC runs.
calib.plotPlot the dates
clam2baconTranslate clam .csv files to Bacon .csv files.
draw.pbmeasuredPlot the 210Pb data
draw.pbmodelledPlot the 210Pb data
flux.age.ghostPlot flux rates for proxies.
proxy.ghostProxies analysed along the depths of a core can be plotted as...
scissorsRemove the first n iterations.
thinnerThin iterations.
tofuBacon for vegans
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