Man pages for rbacon
Age-Depth Modelling using Bayesian Statistics

accrate.ageObtain estimated accumulation rates for any age of a core.
accrate.age.ghostPlot a core's accumulation rates against calendar time.
accrate.depthObtain estimated accumulation rates as for any depth of a...
accrate.depth.ghostPlot modelled accumulation rates against the depths of a...
add.datesAdd dates to age-depth plots
agedepthPlot an age-depth model
age.pMCCalculate pMC values from C14 ages
AgesOfEventsEvent probabilities against calendar age
BaconMain age-depth modelling function
Bacon.Age.dOutput all ages for a single depth.
Bacon.cleanupRemove files made to produce the current core's age-depth...
Bacon.histCalculate age distributions of depths.
Bacon_runsList the folders present in the current core directory.
BaconvergenceTest to identify poorly mixed MCMC runs.
calib.plotPlot the dates
copyCalibrationCurveCopy a calibration curve.
flux.age.ghostPlot flux rates for proxies.
mix.curvesBuild a custom-made, mixed calibration curve.
pMC.ageCalculate C14 ages from pMC values.
proxy.ghostProxies analysed along the depths of a core can be plotted as...
scissorsRemove the first n iterations.
thinnerThin iterations by given proportion, for example if...
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