get_quarterly_market_expectations: Get quarterly market expectations of economic indicators

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get_quarterly_market_expectationsR Documentation

Get quarterly market expectations of economic indicators


Statistics for the quarterly expectations of economic indicators. All statistics are computed based on quarterly expectations provided by many financial institutions in Brazil: banks, funds, risk managers, so on and so forth. These expections and its statistics are used to build the FOCUS Report weekly released by the Brazilian Central Bank.


  indic = NULL,
  start_date = NULL,
  end_date = NULL,



a character vector with economic indicators names. They are case sensitive and don't forget the accents.


series initial date. Accepts ISO character formated date and Date.


series final date. Accepts ISO character formated date and Date.


additional parameters to be passed to the API

indic argument must be one of indicators listed in Details. Respecting the case, blank spaces and accents.

The ... is to be used with API's parameters. $top to specify the maximum number of rows to be returned, this returns the $top rows, in chronological order. There is also $skip to ignore the first rows.


There are quarterly expectations available for the following indicators:

  • Câmbio

  • IPCA

  • IPCA Administrados

  • IPCA Alimentação no domicílio

  • IPCA Bens industrializados

  • IPCA Livres

  • IPCA Serviços

  • PIB Agropecuária

  • PIB Indústria

  • PIB Serviços

  • PIB Total

  • Taxa de desocupação

Check <> for more details


A data.frame with the requested data.


## Not run: 
indic <- c("PIB Industrial", "PIB Total")
end_date <- "2018-01-31"
x <- get_quarterly_market_expectations(indic, end_date = end_date, `$top` = 10)

# return all indicators for the specified date range
start_date <- "2021-01-01"
x <- get_quarterly_market_expectations(start_date = start_date, `$top` = 20)

## End(Not run)

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