Man pages for rcicr
Reverse-Correlation Image-Classification Toolbox

autoscaleDetermines optimal scaling constant for a list of ci's
batchGenerateCIGenerates multiple classification images by participant or...
batchGenerateCI2IFCGenerates multiple 2IFC classification images by participant...
computeCumulativeCICorrelationComputes cumulative trial CIs correlations with final/target...
generateCIGenerates classification image
generateCI2IFCGenerates 2IFC classification image
generateCINoiseGenerate classification image noise pattern based on set of...
generateGaborGenerate single gabor patch
generateNoiseImageGenerate single noise image based on parameter vector
generateNoisePatternGenerate sinusoid noise pattern
generateSinusoidGenerate single sinusoid patch
generateStimuli2IFCGenerates 2IFC stimuli
rcicr-packageReverse-Correlation Image-Classification Toolbox
simulateNoiseIntensitiesSimulate pixel intensity range for noise
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