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Functions to Support Extension Education Program Evaluation

accuracyMinimum maximum accuracy, mean absolute percent error, root...
AndersonHypothetical data for Alexander Anderson
AndersonBiasHypothetical data for Alexander Anderson with sex bias
AndersonRainBarrelHypothetical data for Alexander Anderson on rain barrel...
AndersonRainGardenHypothetical data for Alexander Anderson on rain garden...
BobBelcherHypothetical data for ratings of instructors in unreplicated...
BreakfastHypothetical data for students' breakfast habits and travel...
BrendonSmallHypothetical data for Brendon Small and company
BullyHillHypothetical data for proportion of students passing a...
CatbusHypothetical data for Catbus and company
cateNelsonCate-Nelson models for bivariate data
cldListCompact letter display for lists of comparisons
cohenGCohen's g and odds ratio for paired contingency tables
cohenHCohen's h to compare proportions for 2 x 2 contingency tables
cohenWCohen's w (omega)
compareGLMCompare fit statistics for glm models
compareLMCompare fit statistics for lm models
cramerVCramer's V (phi)
cramerVFitCramer's V for chi-square goodness-of-fit tests
freemanThetaFreeman's theta
fullPTableConvert a lower triangle matrix to a full matrix
groupwiseCMHPost-hoc tests for Cochran-Mantel-Haenszel test
groupwiseGeometricGroupwise geometric means and confidence intervals
groupwiseHuberGroupwise Huber M-estimators and confidence intervals
groupwiseMeanGroupwise means and confidence intervals
groupwiseMedianGroupwise medians and confidence intervals
groupwisePercentileGroupwise percentiles and confidence intervals
groupwiseSumGroupwise sums
HayleySmithHypothetical data for responses about adopting lawn care...
MonarchsHypothetical data for monarch butterflies in gardens
nagelkerkePseudo r-squared measures for various models
nagelkerkeHermite[Defunct!] Pseudo r-squared measures for hermite models
nominalSymmetryTestExact and Monte Carlo symmetry tests for paired contingency...
NurseriesData for proportion of good practices followed by plant...
pairwiseDifferences[Defunct!] Pairwise differences for unreplicated CBD
pairwiseMcnemarPairwise McNemar and related tests for Cochran Q test...
pairwiseMedianMatrixPairwise Mood's median tests with matrix output
pairwiseMedianTestPairwise Mood's median tests
pairwiseModelAnovaCompare model objects with F test and likelihood ratio test
pairwiseNominalIndependencePairwise tests of independence for nominal data
pairwiseNominalMatrixPairwise tests of independence for nominal data with matrix...
pairwiseOrdinalIndependencePairwise tests of independence for tables with one ordered...
pairwiseOrdinalMatrix[Defunct!] Pairwise two-sample ordinal regression with matrix...
pairwiseOrdinalPairedMatrix[Defunct!] Pairwise two-sample ordinal regression for paired...
pairwiseOrdinalPairedTest[Defunct!] Pairwise two-sample ordinal regression for paired...
pairwiseOrdinalTest[Defunct!] Pairwise two-sample ordinal regression
pairwisePercentileTestPairwise permutation tests for percentiles
pairwisePermutationMatrixPairwise two-sample permutation tests with matrix output
pairwisePermutationSymmetryPairwise two-sample permutation symmetry tests
pairwisePermutationSymmetryMatrixPairwise two-sample permutation symmetry tests with matrix...
pairwisePermutationTestPairwise two-sample permutation tests
pairwiseRobustMatrix[Defunct!] Pairwise two-sample robust tests with matrix...
pairwiseRobustTest[Defunct!] Pairwise two-sample robust tests
pairwiseSignMatrix[Defunct!] Pairwise sign tests with matrix output
pairwiseSignTest[Defunct!] Pairwise sign tests
Pennsylvania18Votes for the Democratic candidate in Pennsylvania 18 in 2016...
percentileTestTest of percentiles by permutation test
plotDensityHistogramHistogram with a density curve
plotNormalDensityDensity plot with a normal curve
plotNormalHistogramHistogram with a normal curve
plotPredyPlot a predicted line from a bivariate model
PoohHypothetical data for paired ratings of Pooh Bear
PoohPigletHypothetical data for ratings of Pooh, Piglet, and Tigger
rcompanion-packagercompanion: Functions to Support Extension Education Program...
ReligionHypothetical data for change in religion after a caucusing...
scheirerRayHareScheirer Ray Hare test
transformTukeyTukey's Ladder of Powers
wilcoxonOneSampleRr effect size for Wilcoxon one-sample signed-rank test
wilcoxonPairedRr effect size for Wilcoxon two-sample paired signed-rank test
wilcoxonRr effect size for Wilcoxon two-sample rank-sum test
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