Man pages for rdatacite
'DataCite' Client for 'OAI-PMH' Methods and their Search API

dc_data_centerDataCite REST API: data center
dc_data_centersDataCite REST API: data centers
dc_memberDataCite REST API: member
dc_membersDataCite REST API: members
dc_oai_getrecordRetrieve an individual record from the DataCite repository
dc_oai_identifyLearn about the Dryad OAI-PMH service
dc_oai_listidentifiersRetrieve record headers
dc_oai_listmetadataformatsList available metadata formats that the DataCite repository...
dc_oai_listrecordsList the records in the DataCite metadata repository.
dc_oai_listsetsRetrieve the set structure of DataCite
dc_searchDataCite Solr web service for search, facet, stats, and mlt...
dc_workDataCite REST API: single works
dc_worksDataCite REST API: works
PrefixesMetadata Prefixes
rdatacite-packageDataCite R client.
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