reader: Suite of Functions to Flexibly Read Data from Files

A set of functions to simplify reading data from files. The main function, reader(), should read most common R datafile types without needing any parameters except the filename. Other functions provide simple ways of handling file paths and extensions, and automatically detecting file format and structure.

AuthorNicholas Cooper
Date of publication2017-01-03 07:41:03
MaintainerNicholas Cooper <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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add.dir.if.not Man page
as.df Man page
assess.dat.type Man page
cat.path Man page
classify.ext Man page
column.salvage Man page
conv.fixed.width Man page
dir.force.slash Man page
file.ncol Man page
file.nrow Man page
find.file Man page Man page
force.frame Man page
force.vec Man page
get.delim Man page
get.ext Man page Man page
is.file Man page
n.readLines Man page
parse.args Man page
reader Man page
reader-package Man page
reader-package Man page
rmv.ext Man page
shift.rownames Man page
vec.extract.mat Man page Man page

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