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Class "RNGMIX"


Object of class RNGMIX.

Objects from the Class

Objects can be created by calls of the form new("RNGMIX", ...). Accessor methods for the slots are a.Dataset.name(x = NULL), a.rseed(x = NULL), a.n(x = NULL), a.Theta(x = NULL), a.Dataset(x = NULL, pos = 0), a.Zt(x = NULL), a.w(x = NULL), a.Variables(x = NULL), a.ymin(x = NULL) and a.ymax(x = NULL), where x and pos stand for an object of class RNGMIX and a desired slot item, respectively.



a character vector containing list names of data frames of size n \times d that d-dimensional datasets are written in.


set the random seed to any negative integer value to initialize the sequence. The first file in Dataset.name corresponds to it. For each next file the random seed is decremented r_{\mathrm{seed}} = r_{\mathrm{seed}} - 1. The default value is -1.


a vector containing numbers of observations in classes n_{l}, where number of observations n = ∑_{l = 1}^{c} n_{l}.


a list containing c parametric family types pdfl. One of "normal", "lognormal", "Weibull", "gamma", "Gumbel", "binomial", "Poisson", "Dirac", "uniform" or circular "vonMises" defined for 0 ≤q y_{i} ≤q 2 π. Component parameters theta1.l follow the parametric family types. One of μ_{il} for normal, lognormal, Gumbel and von Mises distributions, θ_{il} for Weibull, gamma, binomial, Poisson and Dirac distributions and a for uniform distribution. Component parameters theta2.l follow theta1.l. One of σ_{il} for normal, lognormal and Gumbel distributions, β_{il} for Weibull and gamma distributions, p_{il} for binomial distribution, κ_{il} for von Mises distribution and b for uniform distribution. Component parameters theta3.l follow theta2.l. One of ξ_{il} \in \{-1, 1\} for Gumbel distribution.


a list of length n_{\mathrm{D}} of data frames of size n \times d containing d-dimensional datasets. Each of the d columns represents one random variable. Numbers of observations n equal the number of rows in the datasets.


a factor of true cluster membership.


a vector of length c containing component weights w_{l} summing to 1.


a character vector containing types of variables. One of "continuous" or "discrete".


a vector of length d containing minimum observations.


a vector of length d containing maximum observations.


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