Man pages for recluster
Ordination Methods for the Analysis of Beta-Diversity Indices

dataislWest Mediterranean island butterflies provided with the...
datamodVirtual island faunas provided with the package recluster
multibootA multiboot result obtained with the dataisl dataset.
reclusterOrdination methods for biodiversity patterns.
recluster.bootBootstrap nodes of consensus trees
recluster.checkAn internal workaround for the new ape package
recluster.colProjecting a two dimensional plot in RGB space
recluster.consConsensus tree among re-sampled trees
recluster.distCompute a dissimilarity matrix using a battery of...
recluster.explComputes the dissimilarity contained in a distance matrix...
recluster.expl.dissCuts a phylogenetic tree to a given series of nodes and...
recluster.fstCompute some indexes of genetic differentiation
recluster.fst.pairCompute pairwise indexes of genetic differentiation among... mean coordinate values and RGB colours.
recluster.histHistogram of dissimilarity with tied and zero values
recluster.identify.nodesEvaluating solutions in multiscale bootstrap
recluster.lineIdentifies a line in a configuration and computes its...
recluster.multiMultiscale bootstrap based on a consensus tree
recluster.node.strengthEvaluating order row bias in a cluster
recluster.plotA plotter for recluster bootstrapped objects
recluster.plot.colPlotting data in RGB space
recluster.plot.matrixPlot the values of the cells of a matrix in grey scale
recluster.plot.piePlotting pies with RGB colours on a custom coordinate space
recluster.plot.sites.colPlotting RGB dots on a custom coordinate space
recluster.procrustesComputes a procrustes analysis between two matrices even if...
recluster.regionA new clustering method based on continuous consensus.
recluster.rotateRotates a bidimensional configuration according to a line
recluster.test.distTest variation lost by a bidimensional configuration when the...
treebutPhylogenetic tree for the butterfly species included in...
treemodHypothetical phylogenetic tree for the virtual island faunas...
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