Man pages for refer
Create Object References

decrDecrease Value In Place
derefDereference Object
ExtractExtract or Replace Parts of a Referenced Object
getEnvExtract or Set Reference Environment
getIndexExtract or Set Slice Index
getSymExtract or Set Reference Symbol
grapes-equals-grapesSubtract In Place
grapes-plus-equals-grapesAdd In Place
grapes-pow-equals-grapesPower In Place
grapes-slash-equals-grapesDivide In Place
grapes-.-times-equals-grapesMatrix Multiplication In Place
grapes-times-equals-grapesMultiply In Place
incrIncrement Value In Place
is.nullrefIs Reference Null?
is.refIs Object a Reference?
iter.refConvert Reference to Iterable Object
match_cond.refCheck and Evaluate Match Condition
MethodsS3 Methods for Automatic Dereferencing
modify_byModify an Object In Place
refCreate Reference to an Object
ref_listCreate A List of References
sliceCreate a Reference Slice to a Vector
srefCreate a Safer Reference to an Object
ssliceCreate a Safer Reference Slice to a Vector
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