regexr: Readable Regular Expressions

An R framework for constructing and managing human readable regular expressions. It aims to provide tools that enable the user to write regular expressions in a way that is similar to the ways R code is written. The tools allow the user to (1) write in smaller, modular, named, sub-expressions, (2) write top to bottom, rather than a single string (3) comment individual chunks, (4) indent expressions to clearly present regular expression groups, (5) add vertical line spaces and R comments (i.e., #), and (6) test the validity of the concatenated expression and the modular sub-expressions.

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AuthorTyler Rinker [aut, cre]
Date of publication2015-08-16 23:06:08
MaintainerTyler Rinker <>

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\%:)\% Man page
as.regexr Man page
as.regexr.character Man page
as.regexr.default Man page
\%comment\% Man page
comments Man page
comments<- Man page
comments<-.regexr Man page
comments.regexr Man page
construct Man page
get_construct Man page
get_construct.reverse_construct Man page
names<-.regexr Man page
names.regexr Man page
package-regexr Man page
print.regexr Man page
print.reverse_construct Man page
print.subcom Man page
print.summary_regexr Man page
print.unglued Man page
regexr Man page
regexr-package Man page
set_comments Man page
set_names Man page
set_subs Man page
subs Man page
subs<- Man page
subs<-.regexr Man page
subs.regexr Man page
summary.regexr Man page
test Man page
test.regexr Man page
unglue Man page
unglue.regexr Man page

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