Man pages for regexr
Readable Regular Expressions

add_commentsAdd Comments to Character Strings.
as.regexrGeneric Method to Coerce to regexr
as.regexr.characterCoerce character to regexr
as.regexr.defaultCoerce default to regexr
commentsGet/Set Comments From a regexr Object
comments.regexrExtract Comments From regexr Object
comments-set-.regexrSet Comments For regexr
constructConstruct Human Readable Regular Expressions
get_constructExtract Script from 'reverse_construct' to 'construct' a...
get_construct.reverse_constructExtract Script from 'reverse_construct' to 'construct' a...
names.regexrGet Names of Sub-Expressions of a regexr Object
names-set-.regexrSet Names of a Sub-expressions of a regexr Object
print.regexrPrints a regexr Object
print.reverse_constructPrints a reverse_construct object
print.subcomPrints a subcom object
print.summary_regexrPrints a summary_regexr object
print.ungluedPrints an unglued object
regexrregexr: Tools for Human Readable Regular Expressions
set_namesSet the Names in a 'regexr' Object
subsGet/Set Regex Sub-expressions From a regexr Object
subs.regexrGet Sub-expressions From a regexr Object
subs-set-.regexrSet Regex Sub-expressions From a regexr Object
summary.regexrSummarize a regexr Object
testTest Regular Expression Validity
test.regexrTest Regular Expression Validity
unglueGet Sub-expressions from 'regexr' Object
unglue.regexrUnglue regexr Object
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