regpro: Nonparametric Regression

Tools are provided for (1) nonparametric regression (kernel, local linear), (2) semiparametric regression (single index, additive models), and (3) quantile regression (linear, kernel).

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AuthorJussi Klemela <>
Date of publication2016-01-31 12:32:20
MaintainerJussi Klemela <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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additive Man page
additive.stage Man page
copula.trans Man page
emp.distribu Man page
emp.quantile Man page
kernesti.der Man page
kernesti.quantile Man page
kernesti.regr Man page
linear Man page
linear.quan Man page
loclin Man page
ma Man page
pcf.additive Man page
pcf.kernesti Man page
pcf.kernesti.der Man page
pcf.kernesti.marg Man page
pcf.kernesti.slice Man page
pcf.kern.quan Man page
pcf.loclin Man page
pcf.single.index Man page
pp.regression Man page
quantil.emp Man page
single.index Man page

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