Man pages for regpro
Nonparametric Regression

additiveAn additive model regression estimator for pointwise...
additive.stageStagewise fitting of an additive model
copula.transMakes a copula transformation
emp.distribuEmpirical distribution function at one point
emp.quantileEmpirical quantile function at one point
kernesti.derAn estimator of a partial derivative of a regression function...
kernesti.quantileMultivariate kernel conditional quantile estimator at one...
kernesti.regrMultivariate kernel regression estimator at one point
linearMultivariate linear ridge regression estimator
linear.quanMultivariate linear quantile regression estimator
loclinMultivariate local linear regression estimator at one point
maMoving average of a time series
pcf.additiveRegression function estimator in the additive model
pcf.kernestiMultivariate kernel regression estimator
pcf.kernesti.derA kernel estimator of a partial derivative of a regression...
pcf.kernesti.margAn estimator of a marginal average of a regression function
pcf.kernesti.sliceA slice of a multivariate kernel regression estimator
pcf.kern.quanAn estimator of a conditional quantile function
pcf.loclinMultivariate local linear estimator
pcf.single.indexRegression function estimator in the single index model
pp.regressionProjection pursuit regression
quantil.empEmpirical p:th quantile
single.indexSingle index model regression estimator at one point
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