wgscan.eut: Whole genome scan results for a pool of European taurine...

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A dataframe object with 44,057 rows (SNPs) and 7 columns: i) chromosome name (CHR), ii) position of the SNP in bp (POSITION), iii) Ancestral allele frequency (freq_A), iv) iHH for the ancestral allele (iHH_A), v) iHH for the derived allele (iHH_D), vi) iES using the estimator by Tang et al. (2007) (iES_Tang_et_al_2007), vii) iES using the estimator by Sabeti et al. (2007) (iES_Sabeti_et_al_2007).




Gautier, M. and Naves, M. (2011). Footprints of selection in the ancestral admixture of a New World Creole cattle breed. Molecular Ecology, 20, 3128–3143.

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