Man pages for relations
Data Structures and Algorithms for Relations

algebraRelational Algebra
CetaceaCetacea Data
charfunRelation Characteristic Functions
choiceRelation-Based Choices
classesRelation Equivalence Classes
closureTransitive and Reflexive Closure
componentsConnected components
consensusConsensus Relations
coverCovering Relations
dissimilarityDissimilarity Between Relations
domainRelation Domain, Arity, and Size
elementsElements of Relation Domains
ensembleRelation Ensembles
FelinesFelines Data
graphRelation Graph
imputeImpute relations
incidenceRelation Incidences
pclustPrototype-Based Partitions of Relations
plotVisualize Relations
predicatesRelation Predicates
propertiesRelation Properties
reductionTransitive and Reflexive Reduction
scoresRelation Scores
settersModify Relations
SVMBenchSVM Benchmarking Data and Consensus Relations
tableRelation Table
traceTraces of Endorelations
transformTransform incidences
violationsViolations of Relation Properties
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