Man pages for relsurv
Relative Survival

cmprelCompute crude probability of death
colrecRelative Survival Data
epaExcess hazard function smoothing
invtimeInverse transforming of time in Relative Survival
joinrateJoin ratetables
nessieNet Expected Sample Size Is Estimated
plotcmprelPlot the crude probability of death
plotrszphGraphical Inspection of Proportional Hazards Assumption in...
rdataSurvival Data
residCalculate Residuals for a "rsadd" Fit
rsaddFit an Additive model for Relative Survival
rsbrTest the Proportional Hazards Assumption for Relative...
rsdiffTest Net Survival Curve Differences
rsmulFit Andersen et al Multiplicative Regression Model for...
rssurvCompute a Relative Survival Curve
rssurvrsaddCompute a Relative Survival Curve from an additive relative...
rstransFit Cox Proportional Hazards Model in Transformed Time
rszphBehaviour of Covariates in Time for Relative Survival...
slopopCensus Data Set for the Slovene Population
summary.cmp.relSummary of the crude probability of death
survfitrsaddCompute a Predicited Survival Curve
survsplitSplit a Survival Data Set at Specified Times
transrateReorganize Data into a Ratetable Object
transratehldReorganize Data obtained from Human Life-Table Database into...
transratehmdReorganize Data obtained from Human Mortality Database into a...
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