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Renewable Power Systems and the Environment

data.AirCvCpTKDataset: Specific heat of air vs temperature
data.astmgDataset: ASTM G173-03 standard
data.CO2monthly-annualDataset: CO2 monthly and annualy
data.CpCv.TDataset: Specific heat of air vs Temp
data.ERCOT2010Dataset: ERCOT demand for year 2010
data.GlobTempAnomDataset: Global Surface Temperature Anomaly
data.taubdDataset: monthly tau and bd for a location
data.TEODP2017Dataset: Example of wind speed at two heights
data.test100Dataset: simple example for 100 data points
data.TidalDatasets: Tidal Harmonic Components
data.WaveDataset: Wave Duration
functions.3phaseThree-phase generator in the time and frequency domain power in the time and frequency domain
functions.CseqCarbon Sequestration
functions.dc.powerDC circuits and power calculations
functions.gridElectrical Power Grid
functions.harmonicsAC Harmonic Distortion
functions.hydrologyHydro Power Hydrology functions
functions.hydropowerHydroelectric Power Functions
functions.hydrotidalpowerTidal Power Functions
functions.hydrowavepowerWave Power Functions
functions.magnetic.circuitsMagnetic circuit calculations
functions.mech.pow.workMechanical power and work
functions.panels.plotPlot utilities
functions.power.electronicsAC-DC and DC-AC in the time domain
functions.solarpowerSolar Power Functions
functions.thermo.pathsThermodynamic paths and cycles
functions.transformerTransformer Circuits
functions.windpowerWind Power calculations and statistics
renpow-packageRenewable Power Systems and the Environment
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