Man pages for reportRx
Tools for automatically generating reproducible clinical report

addspaceAdd spaces to strings in LaTeX
boxcoxfitRxfit box cox transformed linear model
capCapitalize a string
citimeGet CI cinfidence interval
covsumGet covariate summary dataframe
crrRxfit crr model
etsumGet event time summary dataframe
forestplotCreate a forrest plot
lbldBold strings in LaTeX
lpvalueFormats p-values for LaTeX
makedocxConvert .TeX to .docx
mvsumGet multivariate summary dataframe
nicenameClean strings for printing
pcovsumPrint covariate summary Latex
petsumPrint LaTeX event time summary
plotciPlot CI curve
plotkmPlot KM curve
pmvsumPrint multivariate summary LaTeX table
psthrRound and paste with parentheses
pstprnPaste with parentheses
puvsumPrint univariate summary LaTeX table
pvalueFormats p-values
sanitizestrSanitizes strings to not break LaTeX
uvsumGet univariate summary dataframe
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