reporttools: Generate LaTeX Tables of Descriptive Statistics

These functions are especially helpful when writing reports of data analysis using Sweave.

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AuthorKaspar Rufibach
Date of publication2015-07-04 15:23:16
MaintainerKaspar Rufibach <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

addLineBreak: Break lines in a text column of a dataframe.

attachPresAbs: Attach levels absent and present to a 0-1 vector.

attachYesNo: Attach levels no and yes to a 0-1 vector.

checkDateSuccession: Check whether dates in two vectors are elementwise...

colToMat: Break a n * p data frame in a data frame with ceiling(n /...

correctVarNames: Modify all entries in a data frame such that xtable has no...

disp: Display vectors of numbers, especially targeted to vectors of...

displayCI: Generate strings of a confidence interval from a matrix

displayCoxPH: Function to display a coxph() object

displayCrossTabs: Function to display a set of K x C frequency tables,...

displayKbyC: Function to display a K x C frequency table including col-...

eliminateNA: Eliminate all observations with at least one NA in a data...

formatPercent: Format a numeric proportion.

formatPval: Format P Values

getFonts: Used by the tabulating functions to format column titles

math: Enclose a string in math dollars

NAtoCategory: Change NAs in a factor into a category

NAtoZero: Change NAs in a vector into a given value.

nominalTest: Compute Chi square or Fisher's exact test

pairwise.fisher.test: Pairwise Fisher's exact test

reporttools-package: Generate LaTeX Tables of Descriptive Statistics

tableContinuous: Generate a LaTeX table of descriptive statistics for...

tableDate: Display descriptive statistics for date variables

tableNominal: Display descriptive statistics for nominal variables

transformVarNames: Generate R-code assigning each variable in a data frame to...

twoGroupComparisons: Compute a table with analysis of two groups comparisons

varNamesToChar: Split a character string into variable names


addLineBreak Man page
attachPresAbs Man page
attachYesNo Man page
checkDateSuccession Man page
colToMat Man page
correctVarNames Man page
disp Man page
displayCI Man page
displayCoxPH Man page
displayCrossTabs Man page
displayKbyC Man page
eliminateNA Man page
formatPercent Man page
formatPval Man page
getFonts Man page
math Man page
NAtoCategory Man page
NAtoZero Man page
nominalTest Man page
pairwise.fisher.test Man page
reporttools Man page
reporttools-package Man page
tableContinuous Man page
tableDate Man page
tableNominal Man page
transformVarNames Man page
twoGroupComparisons Man page
varNamesToChar Man page

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