Man pages for reporttools
Generate LaTeX Tables of Descriptive Statistics

addLineBreakBreak lines in a text column of a dataframe.
attachPresAbsAttach levels absent and present to a 0-1 vector.
attachYesNoAttach levels no and yes to a 0-1 vector.
checkDateSuccessionCheck whether dates in two vectors are elementwise...
colToMatBreak a n * p data frame in a data frame with ceiling(n /...
correctVarNamesModify all entries in a data frame such that xtable has no...
dispDisplay vectors of numbers, especially targeted to vectors of...
displayCIGenerate strings of a confidence interval from a matrix
displayCoxPHFunction to display a coxph() object
displayCrossTabsFunction to display a set of K x C frequency tables,...
displayKbyCFunction to display a K x C frequency table including col-...
eliminateNAEliminate all observations with at least one NA in a data...
formatPercentFormat a numeric proportion.
formatPvalFormat P Values
getFontsUsed by the tabulating functions to format column titles
mathEnclose a string in math dollars
NAtoCategoryChange NAs in a factor into a category
NAtoZeroChange NAs in a vector into a given value.
nominalTestCompute Chi square or Fisher's exact test
pairwise.fisher.testPairwise Fisher's exact test
reporttools-packageGenerate LaTeX Tables of Descriptive Statistics
tableContinuousGenerate a LaTeX table of descriptive statistics for...
tableDateDisplay descriptive statistics for date variables
tableNominalDisplay descriptive statistics for nominal variables
transformVarNamesGenerate R-code assigning each variable in a data frame to...
twoGroupComparisonsCompute a table with analysis of two groups comparisons
varNamesToCharSplit a character string into variable names
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