Man pages for reproducible
A Set of Tools that Enhance Reproducibility Beyond Package Management

addChangedAttrAdd an attribute to an object indicating which named elements...
addTagsToOutputAdd tags to object
assessDataTypeAssess the appropriate raster layer data type
assessDataTypeGDALAssess the appropriate raster layer data type for GDAL
available.packagesMemMemoised version of 'available.packages'
basename2A version of 'base::basename' that is 'NULL' resistant
cacheCache method that accommodates environments, S4 methods,...
CacheDigestThe exact digest function that 'Cache' uses
cacheHelperA set of helpers for Cache
cache-helpersCache helpers
cacheMessageCreate a custom cache message by class
checkCacheRepoCheck for cache repository info in ...
checkForAuxiliaryFilesCheck a neededFile for commonly needed auxiliary files
checkGDALVersionCheck whether the system has a minimum version of GDAL...
checkGitConfigCheck global git config file
checkoutVersionClone, fetch, and checkout from repositories
checkPathCheck directory path
ChecksumsCalculate checksum
clearStubArtifactsClear erroneous archivist artifacts
cloudCacheExperimental use of googledrive for Caching
cloudCheckBasic tool for using cloud-based caching
cloudExtrasCloud extras
cloudSyncCacheSync cloud with local Cache
cloudWriteBasic tool for using cloud-based caching
compareNA'NA'-aware comparison of two vectors
convertPathsChange the absolute path of a file
CopyRecursive copying of nested environments, and other "hard to...
copyFileCopy a file using 'robocopy' on Windows and 'rsync' on...
cropInputsCrop a 'Spatial*' or 'Raster*' object
debugCacheAttach debug info to return for Cache
determineFilenameDetermine filename, either automatically or manually
digestCalculate the hashes of multiple files
dlGenericDownload file from generic source url
dlGoogleDownload file from Google Drive
dot-formalsNotInCurrentDotsIdentify which formals to a function are not in the current...
downloadFileA wrapper around a set of downloading functions
extractFromArchiveExtract files from archive
fastMaskFaster operations on rasters
fixErrorsDo some minor error fixing
getGDALVersionCheck the GDAL version in use
grepSysCallsInternal function
guessAtTargetTry to pick a file to load
installedVersionsDetermine versions all installed packages
installPackagesInternal function to install packages
installVersionsInstall exact package versions from a package version text...
linkOrCopyHardlink, symlink, or copy a file
listFilesInArchiveList files in either a zip or tar
makeMemoisableGeneric method to make or unmake objects memoisable
maskInputsMask module inputs
mergeCacheMerge two cache repositories together
newLibPathsA shortcut to create a '.libPaths()' with only two...
normPathNormalize filepath
objSizeRecursive object.size
objSizeInclEnvirosDetermine object size of all objects inside environments
package_dependenciesMemMemoised version of package_dependencies
Path-classCoerce a character string to a class "Path"
pipeA cache-aware pipe that does not mask with '%>%'
pkgDepDetermine package dependencies, first looking at local...
pkgSnapshotTake a snapshot of all the packages and version numbers
postProcessGeneric function to post process objects
postProcessHelpersHierarchically get crs from 'Raster*', 'Spatial*'
preDigestByClassAny miscellaneous things to do before '.robustDigest' and...
prefixAdd a prefix or suffix to the basename part of a file path
prepareFileBackedRasterCopy the file-backing of a file-backed Raster* object
prepareOutputMake any modifications to object recovered from cacheRepo
prepInputsDownload and optionally post process files
preProcessDownload, Checksum, Extract files
projectInputsProject 'Raster*' or Spatial* or 'sf' objects
purgePurge individual line items from checksums file
readLinesRcppAlternative to readLines that is faster
readLinesRcppInternalAlternative to readLines that is faster
reproducibleOptions'reproducible' options
reproducible-packageThe 'reproducible' package
RequireRepeatability-safe install and load packages, optionally with...
robustDigestCreate reproducible digests of objects in R
searchSearch up the full scope for functions
setSubAttrInListSet subattributes within a list by reference
sortDotsUnderscoreFirstSort or order any named object with dotted names and...
tagsByClassAdd extra tags to an archive based on class
testForUnrarReturns unrar path and creates a shortcut as .unrarPath Was...
unrarExistsTests if unrar or 7zip exist
unrarPathThe known path for unrar or 7z
viewCacheExamining and modifying the cache
writeFutureWrite to archivist repository, using 'future::future'
writeOutputsWrite module inputs on disk
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