Man pages for rerf
Randomer Forest

BuildTreeRerF Tree Generator
ComputeSimilarityCompute Similarities
FeatureImportanceCompute Feature Importance of a RerF model
mnistA subset of the MNIST dataset for handwritten digit...
OOBPredictCompute out-of-bag predictions
PackForestPacks a forest and saves modified forest to disk for use by...
PackPredictCompute class predictions for each observation in X
PredictCompute class predictions for each observation in X
RandMatCreate a Random Matrix
RandMatCatCreate a Random Matrix for use when categorical features are...
RerFRerF forest Generator
RunFeatureImportanceCompute Feature Importance of a single RerF tree
RunOOBPredict class labels on out-of-bag observations using a...
RunPredictPredict class labels on a test set using a single tree.
RunPredictLeafCalculate similarity using a single tree.
StrCorrCompute tree strength and correlation
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