restorepoint: Debugging with Restore Points

Debugging with restore points instead of break points. A restore point stores all local variables when called inside a function. The stored values can later be retrieved and evaluated in a modified R console that replicates the function's environment. To debug step by step, one can simply copy & paste the function body from the R script. Particularly convenient in combination with RStudio. See the github page for a tutorial.

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AuthorSebastian Kranz
Date of publication2015-08-29 09:27:37
MaintainerSebastian Kranz <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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add.restore.point.test Man page
assert Man page
break.point Man page Man page
can.parse.multi.line Man page
clone.environment Man page
copy.into.env Man page Man page
env.console Man page
eval.with.error.trace Man page
get.restore.point.options Man page
get.stored.dots Man page
get.stored.object.list Man page
is.storing Man page
restore.objects Man page
restore.point Man page
restore.point.browser Man page
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