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To install the package, run:


Note that this will install the package but does not guarantee that the package can do anything useful. You will also need to set up a working Rust toolchain. See the installation instructions for libR-sys for help. If you can successfully build libR-sys you’re good.


Basic use example:


# create a Rust function
rust_function("fn add(a:f64, b:f64) -> f64 { a + b }")

# call it from R
add(2.5, 4.7)
#> [1] 7.2

The package also enables a new chunk type for knitr, extendr, which compiles and evaluates Rust code. For example, a code chunk such as this one:

rprintln!("Hello from Rust!");

let x = 5;
let y = 7;
let z = x*y;


would create the following output in the knitted document:

rprintln!("Hello from Rust!");

let x = 5;
let y = 7;
let z = x*y;

#> Hello from Rust!
#> [1] 35

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