Man pages for rextendr
Call Rust Code from R using the 'extendr' Crate

cleanClean Rust binaries and package cache.
documentCompile Rust code and generate package documentation.
eng_extendrKnitr engines
inf_dev_extendr_usedInform the user that a development version of 'extendr' is...
local_quiet_cliSilence '{cli}' output
make_module_macroGenerate extendr module macro for Rust source
register_extendrRegister the extendr module of a package with R
rextendrCall Rust code from R using the 'extendr' Crate
rust_evalEvaluate Rust code
rust_sitrepReport on Rust infrastructure
rust_sourceCompile Rust code and call from R
to_tomlConvert R 'list()' into toml-compatible format.
use_extendrSet up a package for use with Rust extendr code
write_license_noteGenerate LICENSE.note file.
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