Man pages for rgbif
Interface to the Global Biodiversity Information Facility API

blankthemeCustom ggplot2 theme
check_wktCheck input WKT
count_facetFacetted count occurrence search.
create_gistFunction that takes a list of files and creates payload for...
dataset_griddedCheck if a dataset is gridded
dataset_metricsGet details on a GBIF dataset.
datasetsSearch for datasets and dataset metadata.
dataset_searchSearch datasets in GBIF.
dataset_suggestSuggest datasets in GBIF.
densitylistThe density web service provides access to records showing...
density_spplistThe density web service provides access to records showing...
derived_datasetRegister a derived dataset for citation.
download_predicate_dslDownload predicate DSL (domain specific language)
downloadsDownloads interface
elevationGet elevation for lat/long points from a data.frame or list...
gbif_bbox2wktConvert a bounding box to a Well Known Text polygon, and a...
gbif_citationGet citation for datasets used
gbifdataGet data.frame from occurrencelist, occurrencelist_many, or...
gbif_geocodeGeocode lat-lon point(s) with GBIF's set of geo-polygons...
gbif_issuesList all GBIF issues and their codes.
gbif_issues_lookupLookup issue definitions and short codes
gbifmap-defunctGet Github credentials from use in console
gbifmap_densMake a simple map to visualize GBIF data density data
gbifmap_listMake a simple map to visualize GBIF point data.
gbif_namesView highlighted terms in name results from GBIF.
gbif_oaiGBIF registry data via OAI-PMH
gbif_photosView photos from GBIF.
get_credentialsGet Github credentials from use in console
gistPost a file as a Github gist
installationsInstallations metadata.
isocodesTable of country two character ISO codes, and GBIF names
map_fetchFetch aggregated density maps of GBIF occurrences
mvt_fetchFetch Map Vector Tiles (MVT)
name_backboneLookup names in the GBIF backbone taxonomy.
name_backbone_checklistLookup names in the GBIF backbone taxonomy in a checklist.
name_issuesParse and examine further GBIF name issues on a dataset.
name_lookupLookup names in all taxonomies in GBIF.
name_parseParse taxon names using the GBIF name parser.
name_suggestSuggest up to 20 name usages.
name_usageLookup details for specific names in all taxonomies in GBIF.
networkGet data about GBIF networks
networksNetworks metadata.
nodesNodes metadata.
occ_countGet number of occurrence records.
occ_dataSearch for GBIF occurrences - simplified for speed
occ_downloadSpin up a download request for GBIF occurrence data.
occ_download_cachedCheck for downloads already in your GBIF account
occ_download_cancelCancel a download creation process.
occ_download_dataset_activityLists the downloads activity of a dataset
occ_download_datasetsList datasets for a download
occ_download_getGet a download from GBIF.
occ_download_importImport a downloaded file from GBIF.
occ_download_listLists the downloads created by a user.
occ_download_metaRetrieves the occurrence download metadata by its unique key.
occ_download_queueDownload requests in a queue
occ_download_waitWait for an occurrence download to be done
occ_facetFacet GBIF occurrences
occ_fieldsVector of fields in the output for the function...
occ_getGet data for GBIF occurrences by occurrence key
occ_issuesParse and examine further GBIF occurrence issues on a...
occ_metadataSearch for catalog numbers, collection codes, collector...
occ_searchSearch for GBIF occurrences
occ_spellcheck-defunctSpell check search term for occurrence searches
occurrencecountCounts taxon concept records matching a range of filters.
occurrencedensityReturns summary counts of occurrence records by one-degree...
occurrencegetGet individual records for a given occurrence record.
occurrencelistOccurrencelist searches for taxon concept records matching a...
occurrencelist_allOccurrencelist_all carries out an occurrencelist query for a...
occurrencelist_manyoccurrencelist_many is the same as occurrencelist, but takes...
organizationsOrganizations metadata.
parsenamesParse taxon names using the GBIF name parser.
pipePipe operator
providersGet data providers and their unique keys.
resourcesGet data resources and their unique keys.
rgb_country_codesLook up 2 character ISO country codes
rgbif-defunctDefunct functions in rgbif
rgbif-packageInterface to the Global Biodiversity Information Facility...
stylegeojsonStyle a data.frame prior to converting to geojson.
suggestfieldsFields available in gbif_suggest function
taxoncountSearch by taxon to retrieve number of records in GBIF.
taxongetGet taxonomic information on a specific taxon or taxa in GBIF...
taxonsearchSearch for taxa in GBIF.
taxrankGet the possible values to be used for (taxonomic) rank...
togeojsonConvert spatial data files to GeoJSON from various formats.
typestatusType status options for GBIF searching
wkt_parseparse wkt into smaller bits
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