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GBIF provides two ways to get occurrence data: through the /occurrence/search route (see occ_search()), or via the /occurrence/download route (many functions, see below). occ_search() is more appropriate for smaller data, while occ_download*() functions are more appropriate for larger data requests.


You'll use occ_download() to kick off a download. You'll need to give that function settings from your GBIF profile: your user name, your password, and your email. These three settings are required to use the function. You can specify them in one of three ways:


You can not perform that many downloads, so plan wisely. See Rate limiting below.

Rate limiting

If you try to launch too many downloads, you will receive an 420 "Enhance Your Calm" response. If there is less then 100 in total across all GBIF users, then you can have 3 running at a time. If there are more than that, then each user is limited to 1 only. These numbers are subject to change.


Query length

GBIF has a limit of 12,000 characters for a download query. This means that you can have a pretty long query, but at some point it may lead to an error on GBIF's side and you'll have to split your query into a few.

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