Man pages for rgdal
Bindings for the 'Geospatial' Data Abstraction Library

closeDataset-methodscloseDataset methods
CRS-classClass "CRS" of coordinate reference system arguments
displayDatasetDisplay a GDAL dataset
GDALDataset-classClass "GDALDataset"
GDALDriver-classClass "GDALDriver": GDAL Driver Object
GDALMajorObject-classClass "GDALMajorObject"
GDALRasterBand-classClass "GDALRasterBand"
GDALReadOnlyDataset-classClass "GDALReadOnlyDataset"
GDALReadOnlyDataset-methodssubset methods for "GDALReadOnlyDataset"
GDALTransientDataset-classClass "GDALTransientDataset"
GridsDatumsGrids and Datums PE&RS listing
is_proj_CDN_enabledPROJ search paths and content download network handling
list_coordOpsList PROJ 6 coordinate operations
llgridPlot long-lat grid over projected data
make_EPSGMake a data frame of EPSG projection codes
nor2kNorwegian peaks over 2000m
projInfoList PROJ.4 tag information
RGB2PCTConvert RGB three band to single band colour table
rgdal-deprecatedDeprecated functions and methods
SGDF2PCTConvert RGB three band to single band colour table
showWKTShow Well-Known Text spatial reference system metadata
SpatialGDAL-classClass "SpatialGDAL"
spTransform-methodsMethods for Function spTransform for map projection and datum...
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