Man pages for rgdal
Bindings for the 'Geospatial' Data Abstraction Library

closeDataset-methodscloseDataset methods
CRS-classClass "CRS" of coordinate reference system arguments
displayDatasetDisplay a GDAL dataset
GDALDataset-classClass "GDALDataset"
GDALDriver-classClass "GDALDriver": GDAL Driver Object
GDALMajorObject-classClass "GDALMajorObject"
GDALRasterBand-classClass "GDALRasterBand"
GDALReadOnlyDataset-classClass "GDALReadOnlyDataset"
GDALReadOnlyDataset-methodssubset methods for "GDALReadOnlyDataset"
GDALTransientDataset-classClass "GDALTransientDataset"
GridsDatumsGrids and Datums PE&RS listing
is_proj_CDN_enabledPROJ search paths and content download network handling
list_coordOpsList PROJ 6 coordinate operations
llgridPlot long-lat grid over projected data
make_EPSGMake a data frame of EPSG projection codes
nor2kNorwegian peaks over 2000m
projectProjection of coordinate matrices
projInfoList PROJ.4 tag information
readGDALRead/write between GDAL grid maps and Spatial objects
readOGRRead OGR vector maps into Spatial objects
RGB2PCTConvert RGB three band to single band colour table
SGDF2PCTConvert RGB three band to single band colour table
showWKTShow Well-Known Text spatial reference system metadata
SpatialGDAL-classClass "SpatialGDAL"
spTransform-methodsMethods for Function spTransform for map projection and datum...
wrappersWrapper functions to allow more direct calling of rgdal C...
writeOGRWrite spatial vector data using OGR
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