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The version less than 1.1.0 are now broken and unsupported. Coinbase had support for the old GDAX API's only till the end of 2018. Version 1.1 and above WILL break the previous implementations and hence, it is recommended that all users should test this extensively with their existing applications (bulit pre-March 2021) and make changes as necessary.

This package is inspired by official and unofficial wrappers for Coinbase Pro API. Please read through the api docs to gain a better understanding of how each end point is likely to work.

There are two main groups of api end points.

Public: All functions belonging to this group start with public_ and can be used without any authentication.

Auth: This category of functions will require API Key, API Secret and Passphrase to connect successfully to the account. To get your api keys, refer to how to create Coinbase Pro api keys. The behavior of the functions will also depend upon what kind of access (view, transfer or trade) the api keys have.

What is New in this version


Supported Functions

Complete List of Supported Public Functions & Coinbase Pro end point mapping:

|#|function|public mapping| |-|-|-| |01|candles|historic rates| |02|daystats|24hr stats| |03|info|currencies & products| |04|orderbook|product orderbook| |05|ticker|product ticker| |06|time|time| |07|trades|trades|

Complete List of Supported Auth Functions & Coinbase Pro end point mapping:


|#|function|auth mapping| |-|-|-| |08|accounts|list accounts| |09|account|an account| |10|account_hist|account history| |11|holds|holds|


|#|function|auth mapping| |-|-|-| |12|add_order|place a new order| |13|cancel_order|cancel an order & cancel all| |14|list_orders|list order|


|#|function|auth mapping| |-|-|-| |15|fills|list fills| |16|pymt_methods|list payment methods|

Apart from these two categories, the library also contains a few internal functions which are used across the public and the auth functions:

  1. parse_response
  2. auth

Currently Unsupported Functions


|#|function|auth mapping| |-|-|-| |XX|pending|get an order|


|#|function|auth mapping| |-|-|-| |XX|pending|payment method| |XX|pending|coinbase|


|#|function|auth mapping| |-|-|-| |XX|pending|payment method| |XX|pending|coinbase| |XX|pending|crypto|


|#|function|auth mapping| |-|-|-| |XX|pending|create a new report| |XX|pending|report status|


|#|function|auth mapping| |-|-|-| |XX|pending|create conversion| |XX|pending|list coinbase accounts| |XX|pending|trailing volume|

Apart from the above listed pending functions, the current version does not support the following key capabilities: 1. Pagination

How to install:



This is same as installing master branch from github.

From Github dev

install_github("DheerajAgarwal/rgdax", ref="dev")


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