Man pages for rgdax
Wrapper for 'GDAX' Cryptocurrency Exchange

accountGet Account Details For An Account
account_histGet Account History For An Account Using Currency
accountsGet Account Details For All Accounts
add_orderCreate a New Order For A Currency
authCreate Signature for GDAX API
cancel_orderCancel Pending Order(s)
fillsGet List of Most Recent Fills
holdsGet Hold Details for An Account Using Currency
parse_responseUtility Function to parse message from api response
profileOverview of User's System Profile
public_candlesGet bids and asks for provided currency-pair (products) by...
public_daystats24 Hour Stats For A Given Product
public_infoGet all supported products (currency - pairs) by GDAX.
public_orderbookGet bids and asks for provided currency-pair (products) by...
public_tickerGet Latest Buy & Sell Trade.
public_timeGet GDAX API Server Time
public_tradesGet latest buy and sell trades.
pymt_methodsView All Linked payment Methods.
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