gx.summary: Compiles a Table of Summary Statistics

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This function is a ‘sub-engine’ between the main summary statistics engine, ‘gx.stats’, and the gx.summary.* display functions, it does not generate any output to the current device. Its ‘sub-engine’ function is to select the required results from the gx.stats computations, and additionally compute 95% confidence bounds on means.


gx.summary(xx, log = log, iftell = iftell)



name of the variable to be processed.


set log = TRUE if it is required to compute statistics following a log10 transformation of the data.


passes the value of iftell for controlling the display of the NA count to function remove.na from the calling function.



a 15-element vector containing summary statistics, see below:


the sample size, N.


the number of NAs removed from the data passed for processing.


the minimum value, Q1, Median, Q3 and maximum value.


the Median Absolute Deviation (MAD).


the Inter-Quartile Standard Deviation (IQSD).

The contents of elements [10:15] depend on the ‘value’ of log


the data (sample) Mean.


the data (sample) Standard Deviation (SD).


the Coefficient of Variation as a percentage (CV%).


the Standard Error (S.E.) of the Mean.


the Lower 95% Confidence Limit on the Mean.


the Upper 95% Confidence Limit on the Mean.

If log = TRUE, the results for the mean, [13], and confidence limits, [14:15], are backtransformed to the natural scale.

The returned table is rounded to 4 significant figures.


Any less than detection limit values represented by negative values, or zeros or other numeric codes representing blanks in the data, must be removed prior to executing gx.summary.* functions that call this function, see ltdl.fix.df.

Any NAs in the data vector will be removed prior to computation in function gx.stats. Depending on the value of iftell, the NA count will be displayed, iftell = TRUE, or suppressed, iftell = FALSE.

There are no examples for this function. To display the summary statistics use one of the summary statistics display functions: gx.stats, gx.summary1; gx.summary2; gx.summary.mat;
gx.summary.groups; framework.stats; or framework.summary.


Robert G. Garrett

See Also

gx.stats, ltdl.fix.df, remove.na,

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