sind.mat2open: Sinding-Larsen Norwegian Stream Sediment Test Data Set

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A matrix for a small subset of data from a regional geochemical stream sediment survey undertaken by the Norwegian Geological Survey. Similar to data set sind but the ID, Eastings and Northings columns have been removed, and the measurements are all in mg/kg.




A matrix with 25 observations on the following 6 variables:


zinc (mg/kg) in stream sediment.


iron (mg/kg) in stream sediment.


manganese (mg/kg) in stream sediment.


cadmium (mg/kg) in stream sediment.


copper (mg/kg) in stream sediment.


lead (mg/kg) in stream sediment.


These data were used by Howarth and Sinding-Larsen (1983) to demonstrate the use of a number of multivariate statistical analysis techniques. Other authors, e.g., Howarth and Garrett (1986) and Garrett and Grunsky (2001) have also used the data set for demonstration purposes.


Howarth and Sinding-Larson (1983), see below. Spatial coordinates added by digitizing Fig. 6-1 (op. cit.).


Howarth, R.J. and Sinding-Larsen, R., 1983. Multivariate analysis. Chapter 6 of Handbook of Exploration Geochemistry, Vol. 2, Statistics and Data Analysis in Geochemical Prospecting (Ed. R.J. Howarth), Elsevier, pp. 207-289.

Howarth, R.J. and Garrett, R.G., 1986. The role of computing in applied geochemistry. In Applied Geochemistry in the 1980s (Eds. I. Thornton and R.J. Howarth), Graham and Trotman, London, pp. 163-184.

Garrett, R.G. and Grunsky, E.G., 2001. Weighted Sums - Knowledge based empirical indices for use in exploration geochemistry. Geochemistry: Exploration, Environment and Analysis, 1(2):135-141.

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