accu: A list containing current accuracy information.

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accu contains current accuracy information returned by the corresponding generating function comp_accu.




An object of class list of length 5.


Current metrics include:

  1. acc: Overall accuracy as the proportion (or probability) of correctly classifying cases or of dec.cor cases:

    acc = dec.cor/N = (hi + cr)/(hi + mi + fa + cr)

    Values range from 0 (no correct prediction) to 1 (perfect prediction).

  2. wacc: Weighted accuracy, as a weighted average of the sensitivity sens (aka. hit rate HR, TPR, power or recall) and the the specificity spec (aka. TNR) in which sens is multiplied by a weighting parameter w (ranging from 0 to 1) and spec is multiplied by w's complement (1 - w):

    wacc = (w * sens) + ((1 - w) * spec)

    If w = .50, wacc becomes balanced accuracy bacc.

  3. mcc: The Matthews correlation coefficient (with values ranging from -1 to +1):

    mcc = ((hi * cr) - (fa * mi)) / sqrt((hi + fa) * (hi + mi) * (cr + fa) * (cr + mi))

    A value of mcc = 0 implies random performance; mcc = 1 implies perfect performance.

    See Wikipedia: Matthews correlation coefficient for additional information.

  4. f1s: The harmonic mean of the positive predictive value PPV (aka. precision) and the sensitivity sens (aka. hit rate HR, TPR, power or recall):

    f1s = 2 * (PPV * sens) / (PPV + sens)

    See Wikipedia: F1 score for additional information.

Note that some accuracy metrics can be interpreted as probabilities (e.g., acc) or correlations (e.g., mcc).

See Also

The corresponding generating function comp_accu; num for basic numeric parameters; freq for current frequency information; prob for current probability information; txt for current text settings.

Other lists containing current scenario information: freq, num, pal, prob, txt

Other metrics: comp_accu, comp_acc


accu <- comp_accu()  # => computes current accuracy information and saves results in accu
accu                 # => shows current accuracy information

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