Man pages for riverdist
River Network Distance Computation and Applications

abstreamsDataset: A-B Streams
abstreams0Dataset: A-B Streams 0
addcumuldistAdd Cumulative Distance to a River Network
addvertsAdd Vertices To Maintain a Minimum Distance Between Vertices
buildlookupBuild Lookup Tables for Fast Distance Computation
buildsegroutesBuild Segment Routes
calculateconnectionsCalculate the Connectivity Matrix for a River Network
checkbraidedCheck for Braiding in a River Network
checkbraidedTFCheck for Braiding in a River Network
cleanupInteractive Cleanup of a River Network
cleanup_vertsInteractive Cleanup of the Vertices of Individual Segments
connectsegsConnect Segments
detectrouteDetect Route
fakefishDataset: Fakefish
fakefish_densityDataset: Fakefish Density
GulkDataset: Gulkana River
highlightsegHighlight Segments
homerangeHome Range
homerange-classThe "homerange" Class
homerangeoverlapHome Range Overlap
isflowconnectedCheck Flow-Connectedness
Kenai1Dataset: Kenai River 1
Kenai2Dataset: Kenai River 2
Kenai3Dataset: Kenai River 3
kfuncPlotting K-functions for a Set of Surveys
KilleyWDataset: Killey River, West Channel
Koyukuk0Dataset: Koyukuk River 0
Koyukuk1Dataset: Koyukuk River 1
Koyukuk2Dataset: Koyukuk River 2
line2networkCreate a River Network Object from a Shapefile
line98Dataset: Line 98 of Kenai River 1 (Long-Lat)
makeriverdensityCalculate Kernel Density Using River Distance
mapbynameMap Segments by Name
matbysurveylistGenerate List of Distance Matrix Between Observations, for...
mouthdistDistance From Mouth
mouthdistbysurveyDistance From Mouth for All Observations of Individuals
pdistPythagorean Distance
pdisttotTotal Pythagorean Distance
plot.homerangePlot Home Range
plothomerangeoverlapPlot Home Range Overlap
plotmatbysurveylistPlot Upstream Distance Between Observations of All...
plot.riverdensityPlot Kernel Density Using River Distance
plotriverdensitypointsPlot Points Used for Kernel Density
plot.rivernetworkPlotting a River Network
plotseqPlot Sequence of Observations
pointshp2segvertConvert a Point Shapefile to River Locations
removeduplicatesRemove Duplicates
removemicrosegsRemove Segments that are Smaller than the Connectivity...
removeunconnectedRemove Unconnected Segments
riverdensityThe "riverdensity" Class
riverdirectionRiver Direction
riverdirectionmatRiver Direction Matrix
riverdirectionmatbysurveyRiver Direction Matrix of All Observations of an Individual
riverdirectionseqRiver Travel Direction Between Sequential Observations
riverdirectiontofromRiver Direction Matrix between Two Datasets
riverdistanceRiver Distance
riverdistancelistMultiple River Distances
riverdistancematRiver Distance Matrix
riverdistancematbysurveyRiver Distance Matrix of All Observations of an Individual
riverdistanceseqRiver Distance Between Sequential Observations
riverdistancetofromRiver Distance Matrix between Two Datasets
riverdist-packageRiver Network Distance Computation and Applications
rivernetworkThe "rivernetwork" Class
riverpointsDraw Points from River Locations
routelistDetect Multiple Routes
sequencevertsStore Vertices in Ascending Sequence
setmouthSpecify the Segment and Vertex of the Mouth of a River...
showendsIdentify Vertex Coordinates of Segment Endpoints
smallsetDataset: Smallset
splitsegmentatSplit a Segment at a Specified Vertex
splitsegmentsSplit Segments by Endpoint Proximity
topologydotsCheck Connectivity of a River Network Object
trimriverTrim a River Network Object to Specified Segments
trimtopointsTrim a River Network to a Set of X-Y Coordinates
upstreamUpstream River Distance
upstreammatUpstream Distance Matrix
upstreammatbysurveyUpstream Distance Matrix of All Observations of an Individual
upstreamseqUpstream Distance Between Sequential Observations
upstreamtofromUpstream Distance Matrix between Two Datasets
whoconnectedCheck Which Segments are Connected to a Given Segment.
xy2segvertConvert XY Coordinates to River Locations
zoomtosegZoom to segment
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