update: Update jags models

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Update jags models


Update the Markov chain associated with the model.


## S3 method for class 'jags'
update(object, n.iter=1, by, progress.bar, ...)



a jags model object


number of iterations of the Markov chain to run


refresh frequency for progress bar. See Details


type of progress bar. Possible values are "text", "gui", and "none". See Details.


additional arguments to the update method (ignored)


Since MCMC calculations are typically long, a progress bar is displayed during the call to update. The type of progress bar is determined by the progress.bar argument. Type "text" is displayed on the R console. Type "gui" is a graphical progress bar in a new window. The progress bar is suppressed if progress.bar is "none" or NULL, if the update is less than 100 iterations, or if R is not running interactively.

The default progress bar type is taken from the option jags.pb.

The progress bar is refreshed every by iterations. The update can only be interrupted when the progress bar is refreshed. Therefore it is advisable not to set by to a very large value. By default by is either n.iter/50 or 100, whichever is smaller.


The update method for jags model objects modifies the original object and returns NULL.


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