rje: Miscellaneous useful functions

A series of useful functions, some available in different forms in other packages, but which have been extended, sped up, or otherwise modified in some way considered useful to the author.

AuthorRobin Evans <evans@stats.ox.ac.uk>
Date of publication2014-08-06 19:18:00
MaintainerRobin Evans <evans@stats.ox.ac.uk>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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and0 Man page
armijo Man page
arrayInd Man page
coarseLine Man page
combinations Man page
conditionMatrix Man page
condition.table Man page
conditionTable Man page
condition.table2 Man page
conditionTable2 Man page
cubeHelix Man page
ddirichlet Man page
Dirichlet Man page
expit Man page
fsapply Man page
greaterThan Man page
indexBox Man page
interventionMatrix Man page
intervention.table Man page
interventionTable Man page
is.subset Man page
is.wholenumber Man page
last Man page
logit Man page
marginMatrix Man page
marginTable Man page
or0 Man page
patternRepeat Man page
powerSet Man page
powerSetMat Man page
printCount Man page
printPercentage Man page
propTable Man page
quickSort Man page
rdirichlet Man page
rje Man page
rje-package Man page
setmatch Man page
setsetdiff Man page
setsetequal Man page
subarray Man page
subarray<- Man page
\%subof\% Man page
subsetmatch Man page
subsetMatrix Man page
subsetOrder Man page
subtable Man page
subtable<- Man page


rje/R/intervention.table.R rje/R/greaterThan.R rje/R/indexBox.R rje/R/cubeHelix.R rje/R/marginMatrix.R rje/R/logit.R rje/R/interventionTable.R rje/R/subsetmatch.R rje/R/last.R rje/R/setsetdiff.R rje/R/interventionMatrix.R rje/R/powerSetMat.R rje/R/printCount.R rje/R/subarray_-.R rje/R/rje-internal.R rje/R/patternRepeat.R rje/R/coarseLine.R rje/R/conditionTable2.R rje/R/fsapply.R rje/R/subarray.R rje/R/conditionMatrix.R rje/R/z%subof%.R rje/R/rdirichlet.R rje/R/is.wholenumber.R rje/R/setsetequal.R rje/R/combinations.R rje/R/conditionTable.R rje/R/ddirichlet.R rje/R/condition.table2.R rje/R/armijo.R rje/R/setmatch.R rje/R/is.subset.R rje/R/and0.R rje/R/expit.R rje/R/propTable.R rje/R/quickSort.R rje/R/marginTable.R rje/R/or0.R rje/R/arrayInd.R rje/R/powerSet.R rje/R/subtable_-.R rje/R/printPercentage.R rje/R/subtable.R rje/R/subsetOrder.R rje/R/subsetMatrix.R rje/R/condition.table.R
rje/man/last.Rd rje/man/subsetOrder.Rd rje/man/armijo.Rd rje/man/greaterThan.Rd rje/man/is.wholenumber.Rd rje/man/rje-package.Rd rje/man/printPercentage.Rd rje/man/arrayInd.Rd rje/man/combinations.Rd rje/man/setmatch.Rd rje/man/expit.Rd rje/man/patternRepeat.Rd rje/man/subsetMatrix.Rd rje/man/conditionTable.Rd rje/man/fsapply.Rd rje/man/quickSort.Rd rje/man/Dirichlet.Rd rje/man/interventionTable.Rd rje/man/subtable.Rd rje/man/cubeHelix.Rd rje/man/and0.Rd rje/man/powerSet.Rd rje/man/indexBox.Rd rje/man/is.subset.Rd rje/man/marginTable.Rd

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