Man pages for rje
Miscellaneous useful functions

and0Fast pairwise logical operators
armijoGeneric functions to aid finding local minima given search...
arrayIndFaster calculation of array indices from vector position.
combinationsCombinations of Integers
conditionTableFind conditional probability table
cubeHelixCube Helix colour palette
DirichletThe Dirichlet Distribution
expitExpit and Logit.
fsapplyFast and loose application of function over list.
greaterThanComparing numerical values
indexBoxGet indices of adjacent entries in array
interventionTableCalculate interventional distributions.
is.subsetCheck subset inclusion
is.wholenumberDetermine whether number is integral or not.
lastLast element of a vector or list
marginTableCompute table margin faster
patternRepeatComplex repetitions
powerSetPower Set
printPercentagePrint Percentage of Activity Completed to stdout
quickSortQuicksort for Partial Orderings
rje-packageMiscellaneous useful functions
setmatchSet Operations
subsetMatrixMatrix of Subset Indicators
subsetOrderCompare sets for inclusion.
subtableSubset an array
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