Man pages for rleafmap
Interactive Maps with R and Leaflet

basemapDefine a Tile Basemap Layer
bmCreditTiles Servers Attribution
bmServerTiles Servers URL
bmSourceBasemap Tiles Servers
campsitesFrench Campsites
chunkerizeMultiple code chunks
col2hexaConvert colors to hexadecimal format
hotelsFrench Hotels
layerLegendData layer legend
printsplPrinting spl object
spLayerDefine a Data Layer
spLayerControlTesting user inputs
spLayer.defaultDefine a Vector Data Layer
spLayer.SpatialGridDataFrameDefine a Raster Data Layer
spLayer.SpatialLinesDefine a Vector Data Layer
spLayer.SpatialPointsDefine a Vector Data Layer
spLayer.SpatialPolygonsDefine a Vector Data Layer
summarymaplayerSummary of map elements
toGeoJSONConvert a spl object to GeoJSON format
toJSGenerate Leaflet JS code for a given layer
uiOptions settings for map interface
uiJSGenerate user interface JS code
velovVelo'v stations
writeMapExport and display the map
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