rlist: A Toolbox for Non-Tabular Data Manipulation

Provides a set of functions for data manipulation with list objects, including mapping, filtering, grouping, sorting, updating, searching, and other useful functions. Most functions are designed to be pipeline friendly so that data processing with lists can be chained.

AuthorKun Ren <ken@renkun.me>
Date of publication2016-04-04 11:49:36
MaintainerKun Ren <ken@renkun.me>
LicenseMIT + file LICENSE
https://github.com/renkun-ken/rlist, https://renkun.me/rlist-tutorial

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Man pages

List: Create a 'List environment' that wraps given 'data' and most...

list.all: Examine if a condition is true for all elements of a list

list.any: Examine if a condition is true for at least one list element

list.append: Append elements to a list

list.apply: Apply a function to each list element ('lapply')

list.cases: Get all unique cases of a list field by expression

list.cbind: Bind all list elements by column

list.class: Classify list elments into unique but non-exclusive cases

list.clean: Clean a list by a function

list.common: Get all common cases by expression for a list

list.count: Count the number of elements that satisfy given condition

list.do: Call a function with a list of arguments

list.exclude: Exclude members of a list that meet given condition.

list.expand: Create a list from all combinations of factors

list.extract: Extract an element from a list or vector

list.filter: Filter a list or vector by a series of conditions

list.find: Find a specific number of elements in a list or vector...

list.findi: Find the indices of a number of elements in a list or vector...

list.first: Find the first element that meets a condition

list.flatten: Flatten a nested list to a one-level list

list.group: Divide list/vector elements into exclusive groups

list.insert: Insert a series of lists at the given index

list.is: Return a logical vector that indicates if each member of a...

list.iter: Iterate a list by evaluating an expression on each list...

list.join: Join two lists by single or multiple keys

list.last: Find the last element that meets a condition

list.load: Load a list from file

list.map: Map each element in a list or vector by an expression.

list.maps: Map multiple lists with an expression

list.mapv: Map each member of a list by an expression to a vector.

list.match: Select members of a list that match given regex pattern

list.merge: Merge a number of named lists in sequential order

list.names: Get or set the names of a list by expression

list.order: Give the order of each list element by expression

list.parse: Convert an object to list with identical structure

list.prepend: Prepend elements to a list

list.rbind: Bind all list elements by row

list.remove: Remove members from a list by index or name

list.reverse: Reverse a list

list.sample: Sample a list or vector

list.save: Save a list to a file

list.search: Search a list recusively by an expression

list.select: Select by name or expression for each member of a list

list.serialize: Serialize a list

list.skip: Skip a number of elements

list.skipWhile: Keep skipping elements while a condition holds

list.sort: Sort a list by given expressions

list.stack: Stack all list elements to tabular data

list.subset: Subset a list

list.table: Generate a table for a list by expression

list.take: Take a number of elements

list.takeWhile: Keep taking elements while a condition holds

list.ungroup: Ungroup a list by taking out second-level elements

list.unserialize: Unserialize a file

list.unzip: Transform a list of elements with similar structure into a...

list.update: Update a list by appending or modifying its elements.

list.which: Give the indices of list elements satisfying a given...

list.zip: Combine multiple lists element-wisely.

nyweather: New York hourly weather data

rlist-package: The rlist package

subset.list: Subset a list by a logical condition

tryEval: Try to evaluate an expression and return a default value if...

tryGet: Try to get the value of a symbol if exists or return a...


List Man page
list.all Man page
list.any Man page
list.append Man page
list.apply Man page
list.cases Man page
list.cbind Man page
list.class Man page
list.clean Man page
list.common Man page
list.count Man page
list.do Man page
list.exclude Man page
list.expand Man page
list.extract Man page
list.filter Man page
list.find Man page
list.findi Man page
list.first Man page
list.flatten Man page
list.group Man page
list.if Man page
list.insert Man page
list.is Man page
list.iter Man page
list.join Man page
list.last Man page
list.load Man page
list.map Man page
list.maps Man page
list.mapv Man page
list.match Man page
list.merge Man page
list.names Man page
list.order Man page
list.parse Man page
list.parse.character Man page
list.parse.data.frame Man page
list.parse.default Man page
list.parse.matrix Man page
list.prepend Man page
list.rbind Man page
list.remove Man page
list.reverse Man page
list.sample Man page
list.save Man page
list.search Man page
list.select Man page
list.serialize Man page
list.skip Man page
list.skipWhile Man page
list.sort Man page
list.stack Man page
list.subset Man page
list.table Man page
list.take Man page
list.takeWhile Man page
list.ungroup Man page
list.unserialize Man page
list.unzip Man page
list.update Man page
list.which Man page
list.zip Man page
nyweather Man page
rlist-package Man page
subset.list Man page
tryEval Man page
tryGet Man page


rlist/R/list.insert.R rlist/R/List.R rlist/R/utils.R rlist/R/list.subset.R rlist/R/list.clean.R rlist/R/list.parse.R rlist/R/list.stack.R rlist/R/list.map.R rlist/R/list.do.R rlist/R/list.expand.R rlist/R/list.all.R rlist/R/list.sample.R rlist/R/list.order.R rlist/R/list.skip.R rlist/R/list.take.R rlist/R/list.match.R rlist/R/list.filter.R rlist/R/list.group.R rlist/R/lambda.R rlist/R/data.R rlist/R/list.load.R rlist/R/functions.R rlist/R/list.zip.R rlist/R/list.save.R rlist/R/list.table.R rlist/R/internal.R rlist/R/list.join.R rlist/R/list.find.R rlist/R/list.serialize.R rlist/R/list.update.R rlist/R/list.select.R rlist/R/list.names.R rlist/R/list.common.R rlist/R/list.first.R rlist/R/list.reverse.R rlist/R/list.remove.R rlist/R/list.flatten.R rlist/R/list.merge.R rlist/R/subset.list.R rlist/R/list.which.R rlist/R/list.count.R rlist/R/list.is.R rlist/R/list.search.R rlist/R/list.extract.R rlist/R/rlist.R
rlist/man/list.update.Rd rlist/man/list.zip.Rd rlist/man/list.unserialize.Rd rlist/man/List.Rd rlist/man/list.any.Rd rlist/man/list.clean.Rd rlist/man/list.apply.Rd rlist/man/list.rbind.Rd rlist/man/list.remove.Rd rlist/man/list.last.Rd rlist/man/list.serialize.Rd rlist/man/list.unzip.Rd rlist/man/list.insert.Rd rlist/man/list.stack.Rd rlist/man/list.prepend.Rd rlist/man/list.reverse.Rd rlist/man/list.class.Rd rlist/man/list.search.Rd rlist/man/list.select.Rd rlist/man/list.count.Rd rlist/man/list.do.Rd rlist/man/list.load.Rd rlist/man/list.mapv.Rd rlist/man/subset.list.Rd rlist/man/list.expand.Rd rlist/man/list.cbind.Rd rlist/man/list.flatten.Rd rlist/man/tryGet.Rd rlist/man/list.filter.Rd rlist/man/list.skipWhile.Rd rlist/man/list.take.Rd rlist/man/list.first.Rd rlist/man/list.names.Rd rlist/man/list.maps.Rd rlist/man/list.merge.Rd rlist/man/list.subset.Rd rlist/man/list.findi.Rd rlist/man/list.sample.Rd rlist/man/list.table.Rd rlist/man/list.save.Rd rlist/man/list.is.Rd rlist/man/list.join.Rd rlist/man/tryEval.Rd rlist/man/list.skip.Rd rlist/man/list.all.Rd rlist/man/list.ungroup.Rd rlist/man/list.group.Rd rlist/man/list.exclude.Rd rlist/man/list.map.Rd rlist/man/list.which.Rd rlist/man/list.find.Rd rlist/man/list.parse.Rd rlist/man/list.takeWhile.Rd rlist/man/nyweather.Rd rlist/man/list.match.Rd rlist/man/rlist-package.Rd rlist/man/list.cases.Rd rlist/man/list.iter.Rd rlist/man/list.extract.Rd rlist/man/list.append.Rd rlist/man/list.common.Rd rlist/man/list.sort.Rd rlist/man/list.order.Rd

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