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A Toolbox for Non-Tabular Data Manipulation

ListCreate a 'List environment' that wraps given 'data' and most...
list.allExamine if a condition is true for all elements of a list
list.anyExamine if a condition is true for at least one list element
list.appendAppend elements to a list
list.applyApply a function to each list element ('lapply')
list.casesGet all unique cases of a list field by expression
list.cbindBind all list elements by column
list.classClassify list elments into unique but non-exclusive cases
list.cleanClean a list by a function
list.commonGet all common cases by expression for a list
list.countCount the number of elements that satisfy given condition
list.doCall a function with a list of arguments
list.excludeExclude members of a list that meet given condition.
list.expandCreate a list from all combinations of factors
list.extractExtract an element from a list or vector
list.filterFilter a list or vector by a series of conditions
list.findFind a specific number of elements in a list or vector...
list.findiFind the indices of a number of elements in a list or vector...
list.firstFind the first element that meets a condition
list.flattenFlatten a nested list to a one-level list
list.groupDivide list/vector elements into exclusive groups
list.insertInsert a series of lists at the given index
list.isReturn a logical vector that indicates if each member of a...
list.iterIterate a list by evaluating an expression on each list...
list.joinJoin two lists by single or multiple keys
list.lastFind the last element that meets a condition
list.loadLoad a list from file
list.mapMap each element in a list or vector by an expression.
list.mapsMap multiple lists with an expression
list.mapvMap each member of a list by an expression to a vector.
list.matchSelect members of a list that match given regex pattern
list.mergeMerge a number of named lists in sequential order
list.namesGet or set the names of a list by expression
list.orderGive the order of each list element by expression
list.parseConvert an object to list with identical structure
list.prependPrepend elements to a list
list.rbindBind all list elements by row
list.removeRemove members from a list by index or name
list.reverseReverse a list
list.sampleSample a list or vector
list.saveSave a list to a file
list.searchSearch a list recusively by an expression
list.selectSelect by name or expression for each member of a list
list.serializeSerialize a list
list.skipSkip a number of elements
list.skipWhileKeep skipping elements while a condition holds
list.sortSort a list by given expressions
list.stackStack all list elements to tabular data
list.subsetSubset a list
list.tableGenerate a table for a list by expression
list.takeTake a number of elements
list.takeWhileKeep taking elements while a condition holds
list.ungroupUngroup a list by taking out second-level elements
list.unserializeUnserialize a file
list.unzipTransform a list of elements with similar structure into a...
list.updateUpdate a list by appending or modifying its elements.
list.whichGive the indices of list elements satisfying a given...
list.zipCombine multiple lists element-wisely.
nyweatherNew York hourly weather data
rlist-packageThe rlist package
subset.listSubset a list by a logical condition
tryEvalTry to evaluate an expression and return a default value if...
tryGetTry to get the value of a symbol if exists or return a...
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