rmonad' with 'Nozzle.R1

This vignette shows how rmonad can be used in tandem with Nozzle.R1 to create HTML reports. Nozzle.R1 is a published R package for report generation:


It can be used to build HTML reports section by section. The package offers a report generation approach that is more programmable, in some ways, than standard literate programming approaches (e.g. knitr). rmonad is intended to store all the data needed for a report, but stop short of actually creating one. These two packages are thus highly complementary.

Here is a simple example:

m <- iris %>>% head(20) %v>% summary %v>% colSums

r <- newCustomReport("Demo report")
r <- setMaintainerName(r, "Uriah Heep")

s1 <- newSection("Pipeline overview")

fig1 <- "p1.png"

s1 <- addTo(s1,
  newFigure(fig1, "Pipeline graph"),
  newTable(mtabulate(m), "Pipeline summary")
r <- addTo(r, s1)

s2 <- newSection("Results")
s2 <- addTo(s2, newTable(get_value(m, 2)[[1]], get_code(m, 2)[[1]]))
s2 <- addTo(s2, newTable(get_value(m, 2)[[1]], get_code(m, 2)[[1]]))
r <- addTo(r, s2)

if(any(has_error(m) | has_warnings(m))){ 
    s3 <- newSection("Bad things")
    s3 <- addTo(s3, newTable(missues(m), "Issues raised"))
    r <- addTo(r, s3)

writeReport(r, filename="demo")

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