Man pages for rmonad
A Monadic Pipeline System

as_dgr_graphConvert a pipeline to DiagrammeR graph
as.list.RmonadConvert an rmonad object to a list of monads
bindApply f to the contents of a monad and merge messages
constIgnore the first input, return the second
docAdd documentation to a monad
escReturns the value of a monad holds
extract_metadataExtract docstring and meta data from an anonymous function
falseReturn false for all input
false_as_errorMake NULL values an error
firstGiven two arguments, return the first
forgetClear an rmonad's parents
get_dependency_matrixGet dependencies of local variables on inputs
gffData for GFF processing vignette
infixInfix operators
is_rmonadDetermine whether something is an Rmonad object
lsmevalSafely builds a list of monads from an argument list of...
m_delete_valueDelete a node's value
missuesTabulates all errors, warnings and notes
mreportConvert a pipeline to Rmarkdown
mtabulateMake tabular summary of a pipeline
null_as_errorMake NULL values an error
plot.RmonadRender an Rmonad graph
print.RmonadRmonad print generic function
relink_nodeThe recursive function for adding dependencies
rmonadrmonad: handling pipes, errors, and everything with monads
rmonad_accessorsget, set, and append rmonad fields
Rmonad_clsCreate an Rmonad object
secondGiven two arguments, return the second
splice_functionTake a monadic bind operation's result and splice histories
tossTake input and do nothing with it
trueReturn true for all input
unbranchReturn each independent branch of the pipeline
unnestRemove a level of nesting in an Rmonad
x_to_monadConversions to monads
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