Man pages for rmonad
A Monadic Pipeline System

add_transitive_edgesFind inputs to a nest
apply_rewritersApply rewriters to an Rmonad
bindApply f to the contents of a monad and merge messages
clear_cacheClear cached values and delete temporary files
constIgnore the first input, return the second
crunchCache all large values that are stored in memory
escReturns the value a monad holds
extract_metadataExtract docstring and meta data from an anonymous function
fail_cacheRepresent a dummy value for a node downstream of a failing...
falseReturn false for all input
false_as_errorMake NULL values an error
firstGiven two arguments, return the first
get_dependency_matrixGet dependencies of local variables on inputs
gffData for GFF processing vignette
infixInfix operators
is_rmonadDetermine whether something is an Rmonad object
loopApply an rmonad pipeline function to each element in a rmonad...
make_cacherMake Cacher object
make_recacherMake a function that takes an Rmonad and recaches it
memory_cacheStore a value in memory
missuesTabulates all errors, warnings and notes
mtabulateMake tabular summary of a pipeline
no_cacheRepresent a value that has been deleted
nothingDo nothing
null_as_errorMake NULL values an error
plot.RmonadRender an Rmonad graph
print.RmonadRmonad print generic function
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
reportConvert a pipeline to Rmarkdown
rmonadrmonad: handling pipes, errors, and everything with monads
rmonad_checkersVectorized existence checkers for public Rmonad fields
rmonad_gettersVectorized getters for public Rmonad fields
secondGiven two arguments, return the second
sizeReturn the number of nodes in the workflow
splice_functionTake a monadic bind operation's result and splice histories
tagSet the tag of an Rmonad object
tossTake input and do nothing with it
trueReturn true for all input
viewSet the head of an Rmonad to a particular tag
viewIDMove head to this id
viewIDsReturn a list of Rmonad objects at these positions
viewsGet a list of Rmonad objects matching the given tag
void_cacheRepresent a value that has not been set
x_to_monadConversions to monads
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