npn_get_common_query_vars: Get Common Query String Variables

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npn_get_common_query_varsR Documentation

Get Common Query String Variables


Utility function to generate a list of query string variables for requests to NPN data service points. Some parameters are basically present in all requests, so this function helps put them together.


  coords = NULL,
  species_ids = NULL,
  station_ids = NULL,
  species_types = NULL,
  network_ids = NULL,
  states = NULL,
  phenophase_ids = NULL,
  functional_types = NULL,
  additional_fields = NULL,
  climate_data = FALSE,
  ip_address = NULL,
  dataset_ids = NULL,
  genus_ids = NULL,
  family_ids = NULL,
  order_ids = NULL,
  class_ids = NULL,
  pheno_class_ids = NULL,
  taxonomy_aggregate = NULL,
  pheno_class_aggregate = NULL,
  wkt = NULL,
  email = NULL


List of query string variables.

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