npn_get_layer_details: Get Geospatial Data Layer Details

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npn_get_layer_detailsR Documentation

Get Geospatial Data Layer Details


This function will return information about the various data layers available via the NPN's geospatial web services. Specifically, this function will query the NPN's GetCapabilities endpoint and parse the information on that page about the layers. For each layer, this function will retrieve the layer name (as to be specified elsewhere programmatically), the title (human readable), the abstract, which describes the data in the layer, the dimension name and dimension range for specifying specific date values from the layer.




Information about the layers can also be viewed at the getCapbilities page directly:


Data frame containing all layer details as specified in function description.


## Not run: 
layers <- npn_get_layer_details()

## End(Not run)

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