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Data from a meta-analysis on the effectiveness of phonics reading instruction by Ehri, Nunes, Stahl and Willows (2001). Data reported in Hedges, Tipton, and Johnson (2010) with example.


A dataframe containing 179 effect sizes from 66 different studies


Hedges, Tipton, and Johnson (2010)


Ehri, L.C., Nunes, S.R., Stahl, S.A., Willows, D.M. (2001) Systematic phonics instruction helps children learn to read: Evidence from the National Reading Panel's meta-analysis. Review of Educational Research. 71, 393–447.

Hedges, L.V., Tipton, E., Johnson, M.C. (2010) Robust variance estimation in meta-regression with dependent effect size estimates. Research Synthesis Methods. 1(1): 39–65. Erratum in 1(2): 164–165. DOI: 10.1002/jrsm.5

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