Man pages for robust
Port of the S+ "Robust Library"

anova.glmRobANOVA for Robust Generalized Linear Model Fits
anova.lmRobANOVA for Robust Linear Model Fits
breslow.datBreslow Data
covClassicClassical Covariance Estimation
covRobRobust Covariance/Correlation Matrix Estimation
covRob.controlControl Parameters for Robust Covariance Estimation
ddPlot.covfmDistance - Distance Plot
distancePlot.covfmSide-by-Side Mahalanobis Distance Plot
drop1.lmRobCompute an Anova Object by Dropping Terms
ellipsesPlot.covfmEllipses Plot - Visual Correlation Matrix Comparison
fitdstnMaximum-likelihood Fitting of Univariate Distributions
fitdstnRobRobust Fitting of Univariate Distributions
gammaRobRobust Estimation of Gamma Distribution Parameters
gammaRob.controlControl Parameters for gammaRob
gen.dataGenerate Data With Contamination
glmRobFit a Robust Generalized Linear Model
glmRob.controlglmRob Control Parameters
glmRob.cubifRobust GLM CUBIF Fitter
glmRob.cubif.controlControl Parameters for the Bounded Influence Robust GLM...
glmRob.mallowsMallows Type Estimator
glmRob.mallows.controlControl for Mallows-type Robust GLM Estimator
glmRob.misclassConsistent Misclassification Estimator
glmRob.misclass.controlControl for Misclassification Robust GLM Estimator
glmRob.objectRobust Generalized Linear Model Fit
leuk.datLeuk Data
lmRobHigh Breakdown and High Efficiency Robust Linear Regression
lmRob.controlControl Parameters for Robust Linear Regression
lmRob.fitRobust Fitter Functions for Linear Models a Robust Linear Model
lmRob.objectRobust Linear Model Objects
lmRob.RFPERobust Final Prediction Errors
lognormRobRobust Estimation of Lognormal Distribution Parameters
lognormRob.controlControl Parameters for lognormRob
lsRobTestBias Test for Least-Squares Regression Estimates
mallows.datMallows Data
OverlaidDenPlot.fdfmOverlaid Density Plot
plot.covfmPlot Method
plot.fdfmfdfm Plot Method
plot.glmRobDiagnostic Regression Plots
plot.lmRobDiagnostic Regression Plots
predict.glmRobPredict Method for Robust Generalized Linear Model Fits
predict.lmRobUse predict() on an lmRob Object
qqPlot.fdfmComparison Quantile-Quantile Plot
rb.lmRobRobust Bootstrap Standard Errors
residuals.glmRobResiduals Methods for glmRob Objects
screePlot.covfmComparison Screeplot
stack.datBrownlee's Stack-Loss Data
step.lmRobBuild a Model in a Stepwise Fashion
summary.covfmSummary Method
summary.glmRobSummarizing Robust Generalized Linear Model Fits
summary.lmRobSummarizing Robust Linear Model Fits
test.lmRobVarious Tests of Robust Regression Estimates
update.lmRobUpdate an lmRob Model Object
weibullRobRobust Estimation of Weibull Distribution Parameters
weibullRob.controlControl Parameters for weibullRob
weight.funsWeight Functions Psi, Rho, Chi
woodmod.datModified Wood Data
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