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rlmerMod Class


Class "rlmerMod" of Robustly Fitted Mixed-Effect Models


A robust mixed-effects model as returned by rlmer.

Objects from the Class

Objects are created by calls to rlmer.


Almost all methods available from objects returned from lmer are also available for objects returned by rlmer. They usage is the same.

It follows a list of some the methods that are exported by this package:

  • coef

  • deviance (disabled, see below)

  • extractAIC (disabled, see below)

  • family

  • fitted

  • fixef

  • formula

  • getInfo

  • isGLMM

  • isLMM

  • isNLMM

  • isREML

  • logLik (disabled, see below)

  • model.frame

  • model.matrix

  • nobs

  • plot

  • predict

  • ranef (only partially implemented)

  • residuals

  • sigma

  • summary

  • terms

  • update

  • VarCorr

  • vcov

  • weights

Disabled methods

A log likelihood or even a pseudo log likelihood is not defined for the robust estimates returned by rlmer. Methods that depend on the log likelihood are therefore not available. For this reason the methods deviance, extractAIC and logLik stop with an error if they are called.

See Also

rlmer; corresponding class in package lme4: merMod



## convert an object of type 'lmerMod' to 'rlmerMod'
## to use the methods provided by robustlmm
fm <- lmer(Yield ~ (1|Batch), Dyestuff)
rfm <- as(fm, "rlmerMod")
compare(fm, rfm)

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